We are CLOSED for rentals until May 25, 2019! Contact us for your special event or field trip through October.

The map below shows the new Sailing Center (lower left), the new Rowing Course (center), and the new Education and Research/Boating Instruction and Safety Center (lower right). Click on the map to see where the Forebay fits into the Oroville Dam/State Water Project system.

Visit the Feather River Center's Website for more information or to donate to the Feather River Center. We are working with state agencies to make these improvements to improve recreation opportunities and economic development and so are seeking Supplemental Benefit Fund monies.  We are currently looking for matching funds to make these improvements.

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Forebay Bird's Eye

For information about the Thermalito North Forebay SRA, such as reserving a ramada/covered picnic area,how many people are at the Park, the pet policy, Park hours, etc., call the Lake Oroville SRA Main Office at 538-2200 or the Thermalito North Forebay Park Entrance Station at 538-2221.

SCHEDULE FIELD TRIPS for the 2018-19 School Year! 

Are you a school looking for a field trip this Fall?  We're booking fast so sign up soon for a day on the Forebay.  We can accommodate whole classes or grade levels for boating and water safety FUN and/or environmental education activities.

Click button below for more info or contact Brad Cooke (530) 893-2984 or at aquatics.education@gmail.com


Are you a family or business looking to enjoy a day of recreation, team building or collaboration?  Rent our facility!  A beautiful park setting on the edge of the lake, this space has picnic tables, a BBQ & bathrooms. Hike the trails to see a huge range of wildlife & gorgeous sunsets. We also have space available with indoor seating, tables, & multimedia presentation capabilities. Schedule your family or business day of learning and/or fun!  We can accommodate 25-100 people at a time.  Interested? Get in touch! 

Contact programs@featherrivercenter.org