Interested in taking full advantage of summer at the Forebay? Consider getting a season pass! Your family will love spending time on the water, soaking up the sun in our beautiful northern California location. 

May 26 through Labor Day: Fr-Sa-Su: 10 a.m.-1 hour before sunset


We Offer Equipment Rentals!

Interested in rentals? We rent out our equipment by the hour or the day! We provide instruction, life jackets, and everything you'll need for a safe and exciting trip to the Forebay. Check out our rental prices below, or get in touch with us for more info. 


Important Event Coming Up? 

Rent our facility! A beautiful park setting on the edge of the lake, this space has picnic tables, a BBQ & bathrooms. Hike the trails to see a huge range of wildlife, & gorgeous sunsets. We also have space available with indoor seating, tables, & multimedia presentation capabilities. Interested? Get in touch!

Looking Forward to Summer? 

Consider a season pass to the Forebay! In just a few visits to our beautiful facility, your pass will pay for itself. Get access to all of our equipment, and any school events held during the spring and fall. Ensure your family has an amazing summer by reserving a summer pass today!

Rental Pricing

  • Single Kayak: $12/hr. | $20/2hrs. | $45/4hrs. | $60/4+hrs.

  • Stand-Up Paddleboard: $15/hr | $26/2hrs. | $56/4hrs. | $75/4+hrs.

  • HydroBike: $15/hr | $26/2hrs. | $56/4hrs. | $75/4+hrs.

  • Tandem Kayak: $18/hr | $32/2hrs. | $68/4hrs. | $90/4+hrs.

  • Pedal Boat: $20/hr | $36/2hrs. | $72/4hrs. | $96/4+hrs.

  • Sit-In Kayak: $20/hr | $36/2hrs. | $72/4hrs. | $96/4+hrs.

  • Canoe: $20/hr | $36/2hrs. | $72/4hrs. | $96/4+hrs.

Sit-in Kayak and Canoe requires skills demo in bay prior to taking out.