FRRC Mission Statement

The Feather River Rowing Club provides an opportunity for people of all ages, and experience and ability levels, to enjoy rowing. At the heart of this mission is the fact that being on the water and rowing a boat imparts a special joy that strengthens a person’s physical, mental, and spiritual health. In short, the members of this club enjoy rowing and we want to share this joy.


Activities to Support the Mission

1. Provide and disseminate information about rowing.

2. Provide instruction for all levels of rowing.

3. Acquire and maintain of a variety of rowing boats including dories, single sculls, and team boats.

4. Reciprocal support and activities with the Forebay Aquatic Center a program of Associated Students of CSU, Chico.

5. Develop and support rowing programs for the High Schools of Butte county and the North State.

6. Develop and provide information about the rowable waters of Butte County and the North State.

7. Plan and carry out activities to financially support the mission.

8. Conduct workshops and classes in wooden boat construction and maintenance.

Women's Masters

The women's masters team meets 3 times a week to practice. Contact Anne Ripke for more information: 

Junior Crew

The Junior Crew team consists middle and high school aged students who are interested in learning about the sport of rowing and practicing their skills. Skill levels vary and competition is not required but encouraged. Contact Rosendo Garibay for more information:

Visiting Teams

We'll host visiting teams to come practice or scrimmage at the forebay. Contact Tony Catalano to schedule a visit: